Create Your Cell Phone Tour in Minutes!

OnCell provides the technology to create interactive audio tours for cell phones & smartphones. Let your visitors listen and learn at their own pace. You can develop and customize your cell phone tour through OnCell’s industry-leading web platform, MyOnCell. Upload audio through your computer or over the phone! Know your return on investment: follow the statistics! OnCell's comprehensive visitor reports provide key metrics to track program activity, analyze results and make decisions.

Listen to sample cell phone tours by dialing our demo line: (585) 419-9744

Five Steps to Creating a Tour

  1. Identify your stops
  2. Write your scripts
  3. Record and gather content
  4. Build your tour
  5. Create signage/marketing: visit our Flickr page for sign ideas!

Cell Phone Tour Features

  • Free trial available
  • Content is delivered to your visitor's cell phone
  • No equipment purchases are necessary
  • Your content can be recorded over the phone or uploaded via your PC
  • Tour line can be a local phone number
  • A web interface provides administrative access to your tour
  • 24/7 real-time statistics provide management data
  • Visitor interpretation line records sound bites on your exhibits
  • Activity alerts to know you have new data
  • Tour content can be repurposed for podcasts / downloadable MP3
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Built-In Sign Generator
  • Summary and detail levels of content supported
  • Client Account Manager (CAM) is assigned to help you build and launch your tour
  • Marketing assistance and 24/7 support
  • Industry-leading value
  • Affordable pricing / seasonal pricing available
  • Unlimited total calls to audio tour, smartphone audio streaming, mp3 Downloads and audio content storage space
  • (mobile web link for all tours and compatible with Smartphones)


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